Pole Dance at Your Own Pace!

Pole Position Fitness has a wide variety of classes in York. We offer Pole Dancing and Aerial Hoop Classes, Courses, Workshops, Privates and Practice at our own dedicated pole studio.

Choose Your Favourite Classes

All our  classes are listed here. You can book onto all our classes online either as a bundle of class passes or individual at a drop in price.

If you can't find what you're looking for, please don't hesitate to get in touch so we can help.

Pole for Beginners

Our Fundamental pole courses are designed for anyone new to pole dance.  You will learn some basic spins, floor work and transitions, and combine these to make a short routine.  You will also learn basic strengthening techniques.

Improvers Pole

After completion of the fundamentals course, you will be ready to start our improvers class.  Here you will build on the basics you have learnt and start to learn to fly!

Intermediate Pole

This is the time when you start to learn to invert and really build your strength and confidence on the pole.  You will learn combinations off the floor and in the air.

Advanced Pole

Now this is the time when you really start to work hard.  Linking the harder, more technical moves, increasing strength, flexibility and grace.  Flowing effortlessly through combinations and really coming into your own.

Freestyle Flow

This class is designed to help develop your performance skills.  You will learn how to create graceful floor work, combine spins and make different shapes and transitions up the pole, helping you to build confidence in your own movement.

Exotic Pole

Don your sexiest outfit, get your 8 inch heels out and discover the world of heel bangs and hair flicks.  This class is designed to focus on the more exotic side of this art form and unleash your inner sexy.

Aerial Hoop

Aerial Hoop is a full body workout. You will build strength in your arms, shoulders and upper body, and it's a fantastic way to strengthen your core..... Some have even likened Aerial Hoop to yoga wrapped around a Hoop - it's an art form.

Aerial Hoop for Kids

Why not get your kids to try something a bit different from the norm!  This class is designed not only for fun but also to help improve strength, stamina, coordination and balance as well as motor skills and proprioception.  Life really is better upside down.

Pure Stretch

Purestretch classes cater for everyone, all abilities and attitudes to exercise and one of the key points to the class is to get everyone to move.  Mobilise with movement and then stretch to the point of a decent stretch - nothing uncomfortable, no flinching, no shaking, no holding your breath, but most definitely smiling.

Private Sessions

We offer private sessions for Pole Dance, Aerial Hoop or anything you would like really.  Please see our bookings page for more information.

We also offer Hen/ Birthday Parties

Pole Position Fitness Pole Dancing, Aerial Hoop and Party Parties are a fantastic way of celebrating with the girls on your Hen Night, birthday or just a fun girlie get together.

Whether you’re looking for an afternoon activity or something to kick start your evening, Pole Position Fitness classes are a fantastic time to let your hair down and have loads of fun.

Want to know more about our classes? Why not get in touch.